Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My classes celebrated St. Patrick's Day the way that any good holiday should be celebrated - with food! We made rainbow cupcakes and they were so cute! The kids had a ball making and eating them. They get excited about anything as long as they get to eat it.

All we did was prepare a box cake according to the directions on the box and divided it into six bowls. Then color the batter in each bowl different colors. I thought it would be neat for the colors to be in the order of the spectrum. Am I the only person that knows about ROY G BIV?? Apparently no one teaches that trick anymore. Anyway, the cupcakes were cute and we put clouds of icing on the top. All we were missing was our pot of gold!

They look tie-died from the top!!

We did make the icing from scratch. I didn't want to be too much of a slacker!!

They turned out pretty cute!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!