seven months

When I reminded Ben that Faegan was now seven months he said, "What? She just turned six months!"

Every day we are amazed by you, sweet Faegan. Your daddy and I both agree that you are just getting so big. Is it possible that we have had you in our lives for seven months?

You are still the most precious thing ever. You grin from ear to ear when I walk in from work and it makes my heart melt. You also grin when your daddy walks in the room. He can pretty much always muster up a smile from you.

We are now proud to have two cute little bottom teeth. They are especially handy for gnawing on your current favorite food, plums.

Your daddy and I crack up every night when we put you down for the night. I have never seen someone so excited to get in their bed. You literally pump your hands and kick your feet with joy that you are getting in your bed. The blanket that I made for you with the minky on the back is a sleep must have. You grasp it with one hand {sometimes both} and suck your left thumb. I have found you several mornings with both thumb in blanket in mouth.

You have just started bouncing up and down in our laps. You used to lock your legs and stand straight as an arrow, but now you bounce up and down with your mouth wide open.

You have always been a very tactile child and love to feel textures. We have a baby einstein book that has animals with different textures on the animals. I was so proud when I showed you how to feel the soft spots on the page and you actually did it!

We are trying to get more on a schedule these days. You are still exclusively breastfed and eating 1-2 meals per day.
6:30-7:00 - Wake/Feeding
8:00 - Nap until next feeding
9:30-10:00 - Feeding
11:00 - Brunch {fruit}
11:30 - Nap {usually about one hour}
1:00 - Feeding
2:00 - Nap {usually about one hour}
3:30-4:00 - Feeding
4:30 - Catnap
5:30 - Supper {Meat, veggies, and fruit}
6:45 - Feeding
7:00 - Bed

I have been stressing myself out a little because I read too much and I thought you were not communicating appropriately for your age. You still say "mama", but usually only when you are upset. You have just recently started "b" sounds. You are also squealing/screaming. I have noticed recently that you do seem to "talk" to us, it is just in "mmmmm" language, inflections and all!