Our Angus the Milk Cow

The animal adventures around this place are never ending! I promise this is the last animal post for a while. Maybe :)

Ben and I ventured out on a cold Sunday evening to find this cutie just born. I was so excited to get close to him while he was clean and white.

Not too long after this, Ben and I had a mud wrestling match with this little fella and a bottle. He is not so white now. It wasn't just mud either.

Unfortunately for his mom (and us) she had mastitis. She wouldn't let the little guy nurse, so we had to intervene and let me tell you, it wasn't pretty. I am a Certified Lactation Counselor and I had lactating experience at my last job, but this was a new experience for me! I milked my first cow and I now know that if my milk consumption relied on my milking skills, I would be getting all of my calcium from sources other than milk. It takes FOREVER.

Lucky for us, two milkings in, our vet remembered to tell us he has this neat little contraption that just makes the milk literally fall out. (sorry for these sketchy pictures - it was dark and i was shooting between metal bars. i'm just glad i made it out alive and camera in one piece)

You place it in, and out it comes!

She felt much better after we emptied her. (This is pre-milking - ouch)

And treated her. (this didn't hurt her either)

It broke my heart to see all of that milk go to waste...

However, she was a lactation queen and before we could get all of the bag empty it was starting to get full again.

This little guy is happy we don't have to milk his mom anymore.

So is this one.

Next up: prolapse. Not really. I was too scarred to take pictures.


Making Jeff Foxworthy Proud

Oh Remy.
She is not an inside dog.

However, if you remember this picture you will remember that she now thinks she is.

It was cold last week so we let her sleep inside for a few nights.

Bad idea. She was reminded that she thinks she should be an inside dog.

Fast forward to this weekend. Beautiful, 60ish degree weather. Perfect day to leave the door open and get some fresh air. I was sitting not too far from here and heard Remy on the porch.

Looks perfectly normal, right?


Just a few minutes later it was eerily quiet so I go to check on her and what do I find?

Remy. Inside.

What? I don't know anything.

This is my rug. I am supposed to be here. It's dirty outside.

There may be a very, very strong possibility that you
just might be a redneck if your dog...

uses your sub-par screen door...

for her very own personal...

not-so-built-in doggy door...



Adventures in Cake decorating

One of my sweet nieces just turned one and we had quite the celebration for her this weekend!

I was honored that her mom asked an amateur like me to make the cake for such a milestone birthday celebration. I always get so nervous when baking cakes, especially for family, because I want them to be perfect and I see all the flaws. I think my sister-in-law was pleased with the way this one turned out!

A smiling bumblebee!

The birthday girl's personal cake.

The big girl birthday chair!

Is this all for me?!?

Mmmm... I think I will!

I think she likes it!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!!




This is going to be me!
(Maybe I can find that outfit and one of those pointer thingies!!)

I have been offered the wonderful opportunity to be a teacher at our local school. I will be teaching Family and Consumer Science, formerly known as Home Economics, to grades 7-12.

I am excited to trade in the 50 mile drive to my old job for a 5 mile one! It is a little bittersweet because I had some wonderful friends at my former job, but I am looking forward to new adventures and meeting new people! I am a little scared because this is a completely new career for me. I have been teaching nutrition education for two years, but high schoolers are going to be quite the change. Pray for me and wish me luck as I tackle this new adventure!