4 Months

Dear Faegan,
You are four months and such a big girl! You are wearing size 2 diapers and 6 month clothing.

You found your voice again and you are really talking to us and making such precious noises. We receive the biggest smiles first thing in the morning when we peek over your crib, and I even get them in the middle of the night!

First smiles of the day.

You prefer to be put in your bed to go to sleep rather than rocked most of the time. Every now and then you will fuss and want to be loved and when I go in to check on you you get the biggest grin on your face that melts me right there. Needless to say, you don't usually stay in your bed when that happens.

You went through a phase this month where you weren't sleeping well and you were waking up every 2-3 hours for feedings/wanting to get in bed with us. I think it was partly due to a growth spurt and partly due to my laziness of putting you in bed with us for feedings. We stopped doing that and we are on a kick right now where you are only waking up once a night.

You are completely a thumb sucker. This is God's way of letting me know that I am not in control. I was not going to have a thumb-sucking child. You also continue to like to sleep with your head covered.

This is typical Faegan sleeping!

For my memory, here is a rough schedule of what you are doing right now:
You eat around 6:30 and are up for about an hour. You nap until your next feeding, around 9:30 (4oz bottle while I am at work), playtime, and a sometimes a quick nap. Another feeding around 12 or 12:30 (another 4 oz bottle when I am not there) and you play an hour or so and nap until 2:30 or 3. When I get home from work you are usually up the whole time. Sometimes you will take a catnap, but for the most part you are awake until bedtime. We have bathtime around 5, another feeding at 6, bedtime at 7:30, dreamfeed at 9:30. You will sometimes wake up at 1:30 and/or 4, wake around 6:30. On the weekends you will sleep later if we aren't up and making noise, but on the week days you wake up when we are getting ready for work and play for a little while.

You are rolling over all the time now when you are playing on the floor. You started out rolling over from stomach to back, but you now only roll over from back to stomach. We have to rescue you when you roll over to your stomach because yo don't like being on your stomach. It is a game that I think you enjoy playing - roll over, get mom to roll me back, roll over, get mom to roll me back, roll over...... you get the picture.

Miss Sophie the giraffe is your latest obsession. You just glow when I show her to you, grab, and in the mouth she goes.

Everything is in your mouth these days. We saw the nurse practitioner at your 4 month visit and she said that teeth would not be too far away. You are drooling a pretty good bit and your hands are constantly in your mouth. You weigh 14 pounds and are on the 75th percentile weight for height. They assured me not to let people sway my thoughts on your physique by telling me you were chunky. I think you are just perfect and could not be prouder of the hard work that we have put into forming those precious rolls.

You are very good at grabbing your toys and bringing them straight to your mouth. You also like to grab my hair and our faces. You reach for Mommy and Daddy's faces and when you make contact you smile and open your mouth as wide as you can for the best wet kisses.

You love your daddy!

We are blessed with giggles every so often. We heard your first laugh on October 22, but you are pretty stingy with those things! We can coax a few laughs out of you, but you only think whatever we are doing is funny the first one or two times and won't do them again when I have the camera out. I have discovered that the camera is not your favorite thing and if I don't get what I want after the first several pictures I am not going to get it. You smile at the beginning and then you are over mom's photo shoots.

Everywhere we go we are asked "Is she like this all the time?" and we proudly smile and say, "Yes, we have the most wonderful baby! She never fusses!!" and we are telling the whole truth. You truly have spoiled us rotten. You are googling and making the most precious noises now too. We have many "conversations" about anything you want to talk about!

You are still a great traveler and enjoy riding in the car. You are just the sweetest thing in the world!
(Those are the same pants in month 3 and 4! Noticeably tighter! I love my little chunky monkey!)