20 Weeks and My Visitors

I'm halfway there!  We are both so excited we can't stand it. Ben poked at my belly the other night and said "Hurry up and get here!". We have a crib and she has a few outfits, but other than that we haven't done much planning.

 Here she is! 20 weeks!
She is the size of a banana.
Movement: I think she may have turned sometime this week. I may be wrong, but her movement is in different places and more up high than down low.
Total Weight Gain: Fluctuating between 9 and 10 lb
Cravings: Kiwi, Peanut Butter M&M's (thanks to one of my students that always has a bag in class)

One of the more exciting things about this past weekend was my company. I have had the pleasure of having my family up here for two weekends in a row and I am rotten now. I keep waiting for another group to come in for the weekend. Blair and Ash came up Friday and they were able to stay until Monday morning. It was so nice to get to spend time with them and play with Blair. She is full time!

First things first, brownies! Blair is a pro at making anything. She can measure flour, sugar, pour, crack eggs, and stir. She is even great at cleaning up the leftover batter :)

We had a baby cow born while they were here that Ben thought wasn't drinking milk. Just to be safe, we gave him a bottle of colostrum to give him a head start. He is up and running now, but he was not feeling so hot the day he was born. You normally don't want to be able to get this close to baby cows - it usually means that there may be a problem if they aren't running from you, but it was fun for Blair to see him up close and personal. As soon and she saw the big cows she said, "Mama cows!".

She was a little apprehensive of him at first.

 She finally gave him a little pet,

and even a kiss!

I had such a wonderful time with my company and can't wait for them to come back! 
(The only way I could get Blair to take a picture with me was letting her push the button on the remote!)


19 Weeks

The past week has been such an exciting week. I have still not gotten used to calling our baby girl "she" instead of "it". She is already running this house and has not even gotten here. She has successfully kicked her mom out of the biggest of our three closets (yes a total of three in my entire house) and has some precious pink outfits hanging up waiting for her arrival. My mom was up here this past weekend as well as my best friend Georgia and I loved all the baby talk! Blair and Ash are coming up this weekend so we are going to get lots of little girl practice!

19 Weeks
She is about 8 1/2 oz and 6 inches long, about the size of a large heirloom tomato.
Movement: I feel her a lot now. I only notice it when I am still and she moves mostly in the afternoons and closer to bedtime. Ben hasn't been able to feel her yet, but I am hoping that it will be soon!
Total Weight Gain: 10 lb (I almost died when I got on the scale this morning!!! I was out of town for three days at a conference and ate out every meal and it is showing on the scale!!! I think I got off and back on three times! No ice cream for me this week!)
Cravings: Still liking the kiwi, but nothing new

Update 2/15: She was kicking hard when I got in bed last night and Ben got to feel her!


It's a.....


Yesterday was such a fun day!!! We loaded up yesterday and did not have to wait at all for the sonogram. Ben, my mom, and my mother-in-law were all in attendance for the big day. Mom brought along a boy gift and a girl gift and our little girl is already equipped with the most precious pink onesies.

I'm sure one day she will love that I am putting this exposing picture of her on my blog while she is trying to be very proper and cross her legs, but here is the proof! She looks healthy and weights 8 ounces. Her heart was beating away at 144 beats per minute.

(I had to take a picture with my phone, so it's not that great)

She was being pretty bashful yesterday. She was right under my belly button and it caused a pretty big shadow while they were trying to get all of the measurements. When the sonogram tech told me that I thought "If this baby doesn't cooperate today, we are going to have some issues!" She ended up doing beautifully and the sonogram tech showed her to us in 4D since her face looked a little skeletal in the 2D sonogram. Here's a glimpse! She is already like her daddy trying to skip out on pictures!

I just love the little puffy eyes!!!!!!

She is nice and cozy with her head toward my ribs. (Breech, but not a big deal right now) She has been moving and shaking this week and it is so neat to be able to feel HER!!! (I really can't believe it's a girl!) I can't wait until Ben can feel her too!

P.S. For those who may be concerned, have no fear, Ben has altered "Hans" to "Hansetta" :)


Monogram Cookies

I love a monogram and what better to put it on than an iced sugar cookie?!? These fun cookies were for a little boy due in March. These were for his baby shower and I actually was able to attend the festivities - those are the best kind of cookie orders! 

If you are interested in ordering cookies you can contact me at thehunniepot at gmail dot com!


18 Weeks

It's the BIG WEEK!!

Only four more days! I am so super excited I just can't stand it. I am also counting down the days because I am having double company this weekend - my mom is coming up and my wonderful friend Georgia! Mom is coming up to go to the sonogram with us. Mom and I went with my sister, Ashlee, to find out Blair's gender and it was the most special day. I think I cried when I heard "It's a girl!" during her sonogram so I am sure I am going to be a basket case during mine.

18 weeks
Size: He/she is the size of a bell pepper, about 5 1/2 inches long.
Movement: I think I have started feeling a little movement. I thought I felt it a little bit last week, but I wasn't sure. It is the neatest little fluttery feeling!
Weight Gain: 7 lb
Cravings: Kiwi and Smoothies

I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but Ben has called the baby Hans from the moment we found out. I have no idea why this name popped up, I guess because we were at Oktoberfest, but it has stuck. My other sister's boyfriend is really pulling for the name Hans Solo. This name is obviously not in my running list of names, but I think we may have a hard time separating Ben from Hans!