Catch Up

I have been super busy this month with a very large cookie order (more to come) and I haven't blogged about some of our previous events. It is about to be birthday party central around here and at my hometown in Georgia. These will involve precious cookies!

A few weeks ago, we all showed up at my in-law's house for a duo birthday party - 1 year old and a little bit older than that. Everyone always has such a good time at Grandma's and I love it because I get to play photographer.

I think we have some budding athletes in the crew!

Back to the reason for the family gathering - we had some important birthdays to celebrate! My father in law, who loves the movie Groundhog Day received this great golf club cover.
I think he liked it!

And this little guy turned the big 0-1!
His mom made these precious cakes with a jungle theme.
How cute are those?!?

I think he enjoyed the toy the most. He was prim and proper and ate his cake with a fork! I love it!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


Remy the Rabid Retriever

I think as a puppy, Remy must have had an encounter with a 'coon because every time she sees the water hose, we have a serious case of Ol' Yeller.

This dog lives for water hoses. I honestly thought this was a phase, but no, dear Remy still trembles with excitement every time we walk in the direction of the water hose.

Can you tell this is a form of entertainment for me?
Now if we could just get her not to do this when she sees the chickens... I think we are going to have a major problem on our hands!


Growing Chicks and Newbies!

Are you there?!? I have been super busy with school and cookie making, so I have not had much time to blog.

The chicks are growing fast and they are almost ready to move out to the chicken coop. I can't wait to show you the pictures of the precious coop! Ben is doing a great job!

Since I am a slacker and have not posted any pictures, here are some pictures of the hens through their three weeks.

Two weeks old

Three weeks old

At four weeks these chickadees move out! They are stinkin' up my garage something fierce!

Unfortunately, I think I only have 7 hens. That means 10 roosters.
Roosters = no eggs = moving off the farm.
The man that we got the eggs from is hopefully going to take the roosters and a couple of hens so I will just have 4 or 5 of these little ladies.

There is starting to be a big difference in the looks department between the boys and girls. Their colors are really starting to change.
Here is a boy and a girl.
The girl is the dark one on the left, and the boy has more defined stripes and is a little lighter.

This is a little rooster. His feathers are beautiful and you can really see his pattern coming through.
You can also see his comb starting to turn red.

Ok. I think I may have a chicken problem.... I got MORE chickens. I have been planning to do this all along. I want to have a variety of chickens so I got a few more and I will have to wait to see how many are hens of those too. They are the cutest chicks in the world. They look like little chipmunks. I took a little day trip to Tennessee and picked them up from a sweet woman who sells over three thousand chickens a year! That's a lot of chicks! She ended up giving me a couple since we couldn't tell if they were girls or boys.

There are two different breeds - Welsummers and Ameraucanas. The Welsummer chicks look like chipmunks and the Ameraucana ones are darker.

There is one chipmunky Ameraucana. However, she is claimed and now named "Chirpie". Lillie came to visit one afternoon and she fell in love with her.

These chicks will lay chocolate brown and blue eggs! I can't wait to eat and cook with eggs from by back yard!