No, I haven't had her and fallen off the face of the earth, I have just been super blogger slacker. My days have been filled with washing baby clothes and organizing. I was showered with the most wonderful gifts from even more wonderful friends in Georgia and Alabama. I think I am finally ready! Ben and I put the car seat in yesterday so we are ready for our little girl!

I went to the doctor yesterday and had a great checkup. My actual doctor has been out of town for the past three weeks and will return next week, but I have been able to see the wonderful nurse midwife in the office and I really like her. Little Miss is growing just like she needs to and her heart rate was in the 130s. I am dilated to a two or three, which does not mean that I am about to go into labor, but it does mean that things are progressing. She is head down (Hallelujah!) and she kicks me pretty and stretches constantly. I was hoping that it was a little bottom that I was feeling in my ribs rather than a head. I didn't know what she was scraping across my stomach, but I assume that it is a heel. 

I am so excited to meet her, but I am really going to miss being pregnant. I have been blessed with such a wonderful pregnancy and I love having her with me at all times and learning her already forming quirks. 
She is hiccuping most every day several times a day. 
She starts moving/wakes up as soon as I have my first sip morning coffee (decaf, of course). 
She doesn't like for me to drive for long periods of time - she responds by pushing my right rib cage to the point of breakage.
I am up to 29 pounds. Ouch.
My feet have been swelling a good bit since I went to Georgia last weekend, but they aren't hurting any.
I am definitely in nesting mode!

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