10 months

Happy 10 months, sweet girl!!!

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You are getting bigger and bigger each and every day and we are constantly shaking our heads at you and your funny ways.

You are a full on crawler now and have learned that you can venture around the house beyond your normal play areas. You are also pulling up really well and starting to test letting go.

You have a total of eight teeth, four on top and four on bottom. The two new ones seemed to give you a little trouble, but nothing teething tablets couldn't fix.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
You think your daddy is the funniest thing ever. 

Still wearing size 3 diapers and 12-18 month clothes. You discovered your hair bows and ever so slowly reeeach up to try to grab it before I catch you.

We went through a week or so of you not wanting to get in your bed. We have never had any problems with bed time and you are usually thrilled to get in your bed and get your blanket. I think it must have been the teeth because you didn't nurse well either. It always worries me, but I have to remind myself that when you are teething, you really don't eat well.

We are on the same schedule with two naps a day - one at 8 in the morning and the other at 1 in the afternoon. You are still nursing 5 times a day.

You love to play pat a cake, peek-a-boo, and swing in your swing.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Here are her cute little teeth and freckle under her chin that has popped up!

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