Good Times and Girlie Food

Continuing with the wedding (I know these are a little out of order!), we gave Georgia a brunch the day before her wedding and I was lucky enough to have the big responsibility of picking out the menu. I searched blogs, my go to cookbooks, and recipe sites and had some possibilities, but when my favorite time of the month came around, I was drooling. Yes, my favorite time of the month is when I go to my mailbox and I find this:

My Southern Living!

Let me tell you, this month did not disappoint! It is chock full of mouthwatering, girlie recipes. I did not find every recipe we made in there, but the ones we did use were, as always, to die for!

On the menu we had gorgeous frittatas,

Fresh Herb Spoon Rolls, homemade cinnamon rolls made by the one and only Beth, Strawberry and Avocado Spinach Salad, Tomato Pies, and homemade Pecan Coffee Cake. I did a terrible job photographing everything, so here it is all together!

In true Georgia style, we had fresh peaches too! (Which may or may not have made it into a Peach Bellini or two!)

Now, for the best part - dessert! These recipes were all found in this month's Southern Living. These little cuties were fabulous. I don't know if I loved the jars or the cheesecake more, but they were out of this world. I am a huge fan of anything goat cheese, and these Goat Cheese Cheesecakes were super easy to make and who can resist anything in an individual serving dish?!?

Next up, Profiteroles with Coffee Whipped Cream. Homemade whipped cream infused with Kahlua and espresso stuffed in homemade puffs. Drizzled with Hot Fudge. Oh my.

I don't think I have to tell you how wonderful these were!

And finally, Chocolate Truffle Bites (that I forgot to take a picture of). Here they are with the other desserts. These were also super duper quick, easy, and yum-o.

Maureen had everything looking exquisite and a good time was had by all.

We ate overlooking a beautiful golf course.

Mother of the bride, bride, and maid of honor!

We had the best time preparing this fun meal and spending time with the bride before her big day! Thank you, Maureen , for opening your lovely house to some crazy cooks!

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