28 Weeks

I took a much needed trip to the beach this past week for Spring Break and now I can't wait for Summer to get here! My mom was able to go with me and it was lovely to be able to spend some relaxing time with her. I was able to go back to Georgia with her for a couple of days and spend some time with my parents, Mo, Ash, and Blair. We had a family reunion as well so I got to see some extended family too. I didn't want to leave the beach or my parent's house, and I especially didn't want to leave the company of my family! Seeing them for a week at a time makes me realize how much I miss them. 

Ok, back to the baby. Sorry for all of the belly pictures. I do these mainly for my memory and also for my family since they aren't here to see me grow!

Here I am at 27 Weeks:

I am now 28 weeks! 

Ben and I were talking this week and he said something about her getting here in four months.... I told him he needed to recalculate! We are working on a little less then three months until we get to meet our sweet baby girl. Ben and I have a lot of change facing us right now and I am trying to remain stress free. Three months is a long time, right?!?

Total weight gain: 18 pounds (yes, I ate everything in sight at the beach. Thanks for the strawberry cake, Mom!)

She has started moving my whole stomach when she moves. Last night I was lying on the sofa and Ben was watching my belly move and his facial expressions were priceless. I wish I had taken pictures of the shocked and slightly grossed out face. She was moving both sides of my stomach and Ben says it is "alien-like".

I have been sleeping well, but I left my wedge pillow that I stick under my stomach at my parent's house and I didn't realize how much I loved that thing.

I am in all maternity clothes minus a few tops that I have bought in a size larger to accommodate my growing belly. I think the most exciting thing this week was having her move so much when I am on my side. It is so weird to see your stomach moving so much!

John Andrews (April 20, 2011 at 8:34 PM)  

It was great to see you at Mossy Creek. You look great (you know this is Eunice!)

Georgia (April 20, 2011 at 10:16 PM)  

You look great, Lin! So beautiful!

Ashlee (April 20, 2011 at 11:17 PM)  

Cute outfit lin! We'll be seeing you in a few weeks!

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