31 Weeks

We are counting down in the single digits now!

31 Weeks
Total Weight Gain: 20 pounds

I am still sleeping through the night with no bathroom breaks. I got my wedge back from Mom and Dad's house and it is heaven. I have started having some Braxston Hicks pretty much daily. I don't have anything too regular (and I know to watch out for if they are regular), just every now and then and especially if I haven't had enough water.

Either a head or foot is under my right rib area and that is her favorite place to push. This makes traveling and sitting for long periods of time pretty uncomfortable. If I push back I can get comfortable, but then I make her mad and she starts to push harder. On the way home from Georgia this weekend I had the car seat laid all the way back pretty much the whole way home. I may or may not have taken a nice long nap like that too :)

I have been diligently working on baby bedding this past week. I am trying to get it done before my mom and sister come up next weekend. I have quite a bit to do and I am trying really hard not to mess up so it is taking me a little while to get it completed. I have only had to break out the seam rippers once so far - that is a record for me!

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