I'm back!

I have kind of fallen off the blogger bandwagon, but I really am going to get back on. Our internet was down for a while and I got out of the habit, but I am back and all ready to update frequently! I have been getting some not so nice comments since my last post was about St. Patrick's Day!

So back on the farm, we have had a little excitement that I thought was blogworthy. We have been having TONS of rain. Great for the grass, not so great for our mountainous terrain. We were missing a baby cow (more like a teenager) and we knew something was wrong when the mom was mooing on one area and would not leave. Ben walked around and finally found the cow. In a sink hole. It was huge and I took my camera to the hole and documented the chain of events fabulously. However, I had my aperture wide open and they all look like this:

(That would be a big blank white nothing.)

Thankfully, Ben took a picture of the cow in the hole with his cell phone. It really doesn't do the hole justice because you can't see how deep it is. Ben was able to put his whole body in it and his head was even with the ground.

We had the truck ready to pull the cow out, but thankfully all she needed was a little lift in the rear and she could pull up with her front feet. I am so thankful she or Ben didn't get hurt! She was a tired and hungry little baby!!

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